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At TimeDesign we believe technology is the key to open new doors in the global tourism industry.

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Founder CEO
Yuzo Takamatsu

Our life has been dramatically transformed by technology and continually evolving every minute. Tourism industry is without a doubt one of the most impacted by it. However, most people still have to go over different websites to search separately for the best price and availability for hotels and airlines, spending both time and money. At the same time, increasing reliance on external channels and online travel agencies has progressively diminish the alluring power from hotels, reducing their profitability. Two common issues we see nowadays.

“How can hotels be at the center of tourism industry and become more independent from the travel agencies?”, “How can we empower individual travelers to easily book accommodation and airline tickets at the same time?” TimeDesign is the answer to those challenges.

Dynamic Package is our response for the industry to package global airlines with hotels and other travel items to create a one stop booking experience. We are the first company in the world that reshapes this technology to level the playing field in the travel industry and give hotels the potential to capture more bookings and increase their direct revenue.

As a global platform company that combines dynamically major global hotel systems, airline systems and other digitalized services, we thrive to provide hotel guests from around the world a multicultural and holistic reservation experience. Our aim is to become the standard technology for world class hotels.

We have been in the industry since 2006, providing hotels a “Dynamic Package Platform” to enhance direct booking and to increase loyalty from guests. We have been a pioneer in Japan with this solution and there is almost no company in the world that offer the same business model tailored to hotels. We want the world to know we are disrupting the current status quo in the travel industry and with technology changing the world.

As a global travel technology company, we will continue to pursue new possibilities to transform the tourism industry for better and create new value for all.