Time Design Dynamic Technology to Ignite the Future
of Hospitality & Travel Industry

Open new doors in the global tourism industry for technology to create better lifestyles.


A platform to capture more reservations and increase direct revenue.
We bundle ancillary services dynamically to increase brand value and create a holistic booking flow.

With Hotels

Commission based, risk-free model.
Powered by the leading connectivity partners and travel networks, TimeDesign platform provides innovative and flexible technology to sell dynamic packages directly on your website.

With Airlines

Outstanding solutions for ancillary upselling. Link travelers desires instantly into dynamic packages to boost revenue and margins.

With Travel Agencies

Instantly build reliable travel offers directly from our suppliers and find the perfect holiday for your customer. Source travel offers directly from top luxury hotels’ flight and accommodation portfolio, guaranteeing unbeatable pricing and availability.

Our Dynamic Package

Clean UI, fast UX, flexible dates, and naturally, unrivaled combination of travel products. Dynamic Packaging gives access to an almost unlimited variation of travel offers that can be book together as a holiday package, including flight, transfer, accommodation and other travel services.

Clients and Partners

Trusted by the world’s most admired hotels, integrated to leading channel mangers and connected with GDS and external supplier and wholesaler systems in real time.
3900 Hotels x 640 Airlines Multilanguage & global currencies

3900Hotels 640Airlines