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Our mission

At TDI we believe technology is the key to open new doors in the global tourism industry to create better lifestyles. We have been weaving dreams in Japan since a decade ago and now are ready to show the world a revolution of the mind.

TDI Dynamic Package is our response for hotels to package the world into a holistic holiday. We are the first company in the world that reshapes this technology to level the playing field in the travel industry and give hotels the potential to capture more bookings and increase their direct revenue.

As a SaaS company that integrates with different systems and services, we thrive to provide hotel guests a more convenient, all-inclusive vacation package booking experience. Until now, we had been hiding on the back without much fanfare from guests and hoteliers. However, we want to change that.
We want the world to know we are disrupting the current status quo in the travel industry and with technology changing the world. We want to be regarded as an innovator trusted by top hotels globally.

Our mission statement: Open new doors in the global tourism industry for technology to create better lifestyles

Our values: think faster than technology

Our vision is to contribute to the inherent entropy in the universe. Make each hotel a world and help connect guest directly to generate better and more rewarding interactions.

Message from Recruitment Officer

Making revolution in the travel industry with the team who grow together.

Co-Founder COO
Motoharu Ishiwata
Development Div. System Dep. General Manager
Manabu Ogawa

Timedesign has many talent with experience in various industries. Although everyone is unique, there is a common that everyone has “initiative”. We create our own project and each of us have the responsibility to complete the project to make our solution more better more unique. We are what we are because of the team.

After 13 years, we have been recognized as a pioneer of dynamic packages solutions, but we will continue to challenge various new projects. The most satisfying moment of the job is to have the real response from the users directly to what we created. You should be able to realize the fun and reward of creating services that are not yet in the world.

We are still in the process of growth. There are things that can only be done because of the few elite, and the possibilities are endless. People who can “think” and “act” on their own will have the potential to blossom at our company. Let’s walk with us and grow together.

Co-Founder COO Motoharu Ishiwata  Development Div. System Dep. General Manager Manabu Ogawa

Staffs Introduction

An ideal environment to prove how good you are and to improve career.

Development Div. Planning Dep. Director
Joined January,2019
Tomomi Miyake

My previous job was also a director of web media and I was assigned to a new project as soon as I joined Timedesign. Since the culture was different from my previous job, there was a unfamilier moment at the begining but soon I realized that this is the environment where I can do deside freely and I was happy to be surprised. Also, thinking and working with engineers was a new challenge and this way of proceeding projects have broadened my career as a director.

Decision making speed is fast, and the distance from the management team is very close so you can see or hear or feel where the company is going. This leaves us with no anxiety to what you are doing because you can understand the why I am doing this particular project. Doesn’t this bump up your motivation?? It always feel great to create things which means a lot to the company and to the world. It’s still 6 month since joining Timedesign, but there are many things I would like to do in the future. I would like keep up the good work and acheive my goals.

Tomomi Miyake

An enviorment to let yourself challenge to things you want to do where responsibility emerges

Development Div. Planning Dep. Web Designer
Joined October,2018
Reina Oono

I have a career of 11 years as a web designer, but now is the most fulfilling enviornment. My responsibility is to provide the best UI / UX design on our platform used by customer. Most of our customers are high-ended and some can also be not so good with technology so our design should be considered from not only beautifulness but also user friendlyness prospective. It is worthwhile thinking about users’ literacy and creating not too fancy but not too old and finding the best balance of the design.

What surprised me when I joined the company is that it is the culture is very open and free. Not that everyone is doing whatever what they want to do but, everyone knows their purpose and good at self-management. Being free and independent is great but at the same time, we have to responsible of our results. But I feel that it is the culture where you can enjoy and do what you want to accomplish. I am excited about what I can challenge in the future of while Timedesign keeps on expanding.

Reina Oono

Everyday is exciting with new challenges pushing you away from the routine.

Development Division Development Department Engineer
Joined October 2016
Kohei Mitsui

My former career was in a B2B system development company, but I have joined TimeDesign since I wanted to challenge myself as a web engineer. The people here were all very kind and had a genuine interest to listen to what I wanted to tell from the job interview. After joining the company, I was very surprised that my seniors and directors were very caring and my anxiety and tension were relieved in a matter of seconds and now, I am trying to share the same and encourage new people joining us too.

TimeDesign has a great environment for engineers because we can challenge ourselves with new projects and create new solutions that will have an impact in the world. Many projects are completed in a short period of time. Some can be just a few weeks and the speed of the business is very exciting and you will never get tired of it. The balance of challenging new things but keep what is key is extremely important to build a successful platform. In the future, I would like to be involved in the development and construction of new services. And my goal is to be recognized as a dependable engineer.

Kohei Mitsui

Job Description

Customer Success Manager: Time Design International

What We’re Looking For

  • ・BA/BS (MBA/Master preferred)
  • ・Ideally 3+ years of experience in Management Consulting, Customer Success, Account Management, Business Development, or another client-facing role
  • ・Experience in working with complex, multi-divisional, multi-geographical customers (Japan – Singapore – US)
  • ・Strong leadership skills
  • ・Impressive executive presence and communication abilities
  • ・Ability to create structure in ambiguous situations and design effective processes
  • ・Bias for action
  • ・Passion for technology and for being a part of a fast-growing SaaS company
  • ・Experience working with cross-functional teams (e.g. Sales, Product, Marketing, Services)

What You’ll Do

At Time Design International, the customer success manager will understand customer outcomes through ongoing collection and analysis of data and feedback and turn this into onboarding and retention strategies as well as feed into the product road map. They’ll be involved in all aspects of support, account management, demonstrating the product, educating customers and more. All team members look to customer success for input across all key decisions.

  • ・Analyze customer UU & CVR metrics and gather other important data to understand customer outcomes and drive more bookings.
  • ・Represent the voice of the customer to provide input into every core product, marketing and sales process
  • ・Serve as the primary contact for the onboarding of new customers, the training of platform end users, as well as post go-live support
  • ・Collaborate with the engineering and development team to set up or configure our software platform as per customers’ requirements and troubleshoot technical issues raised by customers
  • ・Provide feedback to the Japan HQ regarding product and service improvements
  • ・Continuously update and share best practices with customers to ensure that they get the most out of the booking engine with the aim of helping grow overall revenue.
  • ・Being the main point of contact between the company and several enterprise accounts

Package, Perks and Benefits

  • ・The starting annual salary is 43,200 SGD ~ 54,000 SGD per year depending on experience and qualifications.
  • ・Independent of the base salary, if you achieved all your KPIs and clear all targets you will earn 15% on top of your annual salary.
  • ・Be part of the founding members of our international operations
  • ・Exposure to international travel and multi-cultural workstyle
  • ・Flexible working hours and open working space with food and amenities.
  • ・Paid leave + Holidays + Sick leave
  • ・Fruit Monday and Beer Friday
  • ・Morning Yoga and Premium Friday