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What is “Dynamic Package”

“Dynamic Package” is a holistic booking experience for guests to create a tailor-made holiday and find the best prices by bundling transportation and other ancillary travel services.

TimeDesign makes this possible by creating a platform crafted to hotels and other players in the hospitality industry. Our platform is connected to a global inventory network dynamically and provides a one stop booking flow on their brand website to enhance loyalty and capture more reservations and increase direct revenue.

Avoid spending unnecessary time and effort on booking your trip separately.
Dynamic package improves customer loyalty and increases direct revenue.
Guests can experience a streamline booking flow by choosing each product according to their needs and in one place. In addition, it is possible for hotels to circumvent price parity issues by not displaying the breakdown fees.

4 Features of our Solution

“System Development”, “Call Center Operation”, “Direct Availability&Price Data”, and “Data Connectivity” is the 4 Ability needed to provide Dynamic Package Solutions.

  • Strong connectivity
    Our platform connects with
    – Major hotel systems such as CRS and channel managers around the world.
    – Global Airline systems such as GDS, low cost carriers and wholesalers in every continent.
    – Online payment system with multi-currency options for both B2B and B2C to minimize external cost and create a better travel experience.
    Our tech team has a wide experience integrating with intricate systems around the world and our Dynamic Package Platform is constantly evolving.
  • Best available rate & different types of airline tickets and other ancillary services.
    – All 12 domestic airlines in Japan.
    – 640 global airlines
    – Rental car (limited in Japan market only)
    – Travel insurance (limited in Japan market only)
    – Bus & Ferry (limited in Japan market only)
    – Activities (limited in Japan market only)
    are integrated to save and bundle with hotels.
  • 24/7 Multilingual Customer Support
    Most of our platform user such as hotels, airlines or other hospitality companies do not have the experience to operate a customer center by themselves.
    Handling reservations from a dynamic package service is not easy because airline ticket and other travel items must be managed at the same time. TimeDesign provides not only the platform but also the operations behind it as an all-inclusive service for any hotel around the world to have an easy take off.
  • Opening a door to new media and business
    TimeDesign also provides the package booking platform to many travel media. We act as a conduit for hotels or airlines to distribute their inventory and information on these media.


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