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5 Features of our Solution with Hotels

  1. Increase revenue by cutting cost in half.

    NO initial cost, NO fixed cost. We aim to reduce half of usual OTA commission. There is no risk to start using our platform. We retain guests looking for package bookings through other channels back to your brand website.

  2. Easy Connectivity

    Our platform connects through major hotel systems such as CRS and channel managers which makes real-time connectivity flawless between hotels and third parties.
    Hotels do not have to change their existing operations since all the contents of the reservation, including payment, will be sent through your CRS/Channel managers and into the PMS.

  3. Best rate for global airline tickets.

    We integrate with GDS and LCCs, plus top aggregators to find lowest rates for airline tickets. Over 640 global airlines are connected and ready to bundle with hotels throughout the world.

  4. Multilingual 24/7 Customer Support

    We run a dedicated call center for your valuable guests that book our dynamic package (Free service). Most of the hotels do not have experience handling a customer center by themselves. Operating a dynamic package service is not easy because airline ticket and other travel items must be managed at the same time. TimeDesign provides not only the platform but also the operations behind it as an all-inclusive service for any hotel around the world to have an easy take off.

  5. Making the most of Customer Data

    Time Design is not an OTA. We do not use customer data for marketing and will share all data with each hotel under the privacy policy. For example, by having the flight data in advance, hotels can surprise their guest with an early check-in or airport pick up.

As easy as placing a link or a widget on your website. No extra cost for design or website development.

Dynamic Package Platform for Global Hotels

With our package booking engine hotels can provide a new holistic booking flow to retain more guests.
Hotels + Airline + Rental cars + Ancillary Services
  • Connected with over
    10 major CRS/Channel MGRs
    • – SynXis(Sabre)
    • – GO(DerbySoft)
    • – SiteConnect(SiteMinder)
    • – Direct In(Dynatec)
    • – Optima(SYS)
    • – TL Lincoin(Seanuts)
    • – TEMAIRAZU(Temairazu)
    • – Rakutsu(Railway Information Systems)
    • – Neppan(Clips)
    • – RezTrip(Pegasus Solutions)
  • Connected with over
    640 global airlines
    – GDS(Infini/Sabre)
    – LCC aggregator
    – Wholesaler aggregator
  • Rental cars, travel insurance and other optional service.
    Provided in Japan market only


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